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  1. The Life of Jea says

    I remember when Rose McGowan showed up to the VMAs in -98 in the “naked” dress. I was just “wow, she’s in control of her own body, I love it!”
    I always base what I’m wearing on the “do I feel happy wearing this today?”, nothing else matters. I was told of for wearing too simple clothing to my last job interview (to the job I got, because my personality was so great). So I did the very same to the interview I went on last week, and they want to see me again. If I feel happy, I feel (sort of) sexy 🙂

    Oooh, those shorts, one step and they’re all the way “up there”….

    Funny story – a few years ago when my mum and I went for a walk, we were by the beach, nothing strange. My mum wanted to get a photo of the water and headed towards the sand. I called after her and told her to come back, to not do it, but she didn’t listen. A few seconds later she came, half running, back towards me. “There are naked people EVERYWHERE!!!” she hissed and almost dragged me along.
    Well, if she had listened to me, I was going to tell her it was the nudist beach, and it was probably a bad idea to go there with a camera! I was laughing so hard I actually fell to the ground!!

    • LauraJ says

      Haha! I’ve never been to a nudist beach, but I can imagine myself doing something like that. Probably going up to some naked person and asking if they can take a photo, before realising.
      Simple clothes are the best. Audrey Hepburn was simplistic – Coco Chanel was simplistic! I’d say the people interviewing you don’t understand style. Fingers crossed for your second interview though!

      • The Life of Jea says

        Oh sorry, I didn’t write that very clear, the interviewers loved be thanks to my personality, but others told me of for being “too simple” etc.
        When I did my first interview at WeightWatchers, HR loved me so much I got the job on the spot. And now when I’m looking for a new job (5 years later) HR on that place loved me too and want to see me again 🙂
        I was way too tired when I commented 🙂

        • LauraJ says

          Haha you’re forgiven! I read and thought, how can you be told off for wearing too simple clothing at a job interview?
          I’m really bad sometimes at translating text. Let me know how it goes after meeting again. 🙂

  2. Infinite Living says

    I enjoyed reading your post as always and this line popped out to me – Our individual opinions do not matter as our short-lived lives deserve what happiness they can build – I love it and I agree 🙂

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