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  1. Beyoutiful says

    I’ve seen these shapewear garments in the store and wanted to try them but haven’t really gotten the chance. I guess after your review, could try one for the waist to wear under certain dresses. You look incredible girl <3

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you! I would try a couple on because some can be really uncomfortable whereas others feel great.
      I really like wearing them. I was expecting shapewear to be this embarrassing thing you hide under your clothes but this really surprised me. x

  2. cherilyndoes says

    You look awesome, and I don’t think you need shapewear at all! I have used Spanx but didn’t like that it didn’t sit still when I moved. It was a suit that came up just under my breasts, similar to this, but would roll down as I moved, thus making it noticeable under my clothing. This one looks amazing and I love how it fits at your thighs. Great review! Thank you for sharing!

    • LauraJ says

      This one is quite tight but I like that because it stays put. My only issue would be not wanting to wear it in the summer when it’s hot.
      I definitely prefer how my body looks when the spanx is on. I think it’s a mental thing as well. Because I know something is there pulling me in and flattering my shape, it makes me more relaxed if that makes sense?

      • cherilyndoes says

        Here in Florida, it’s impossible to wear Spanx or anything of the sort most of the year because it’s so damned hot. And yes, liking how your body feels because you know it’s flattering your shape completely makes sense! I understand and feel the same. 🙂 I am certainly grateful that products like these exist!

  3. J | thenellybean says

    You look great, it doesn’t give off Bridget Jones vibes at all (I love her though)! Shapewear is a godsend when I’m wearing a particularly flimsy dress that shows off the muffin top a little too much… xx

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