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  1. whatismaria says

    This sounds absolutely amazing! I have actually been looking for a new hair brush to try because my hair has grown a fair amount over the last few years and it’s been hard getting used to it :’) thank you very much for your thoughtful review xox

    • LauraJ says

      Thank you for reading Maria! I love the brush and admittedly I have never really paid much attention to what I used. It’s only now when I compare this to my old brush that I’m like oh., there’s a difference. xxx

  2. hell0chloe says

    Looove this, I always use tangle teaser brushes over anything else because they seriously work so well – the packaging on this is so cute. Love the rose gold colouring! xx

    • LauraJ says

      I like tangle teaser as well. But if you get a chance, try this one. It sounds weird but it styles my hair better. The packaging is so cute. I don’t like the idea of putting it in my bag and ruining it..even though it’s made for a handbag! xx

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