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    • LauraJ says

      When my skin was super oily (it is still oily now but not so severe), I was obsessed with powder. But then I was told that powder can actually gets the skin to produce more oil. I would say cut back on powder and use more tissue or oil control pads. (I am assuming you have oily skin).
      Also, using a lot less foundation on your T-zone or areas where you get oily really helps.

      • hoiyinli says

        That makes a lot of sense. I think a lot of products can have counteractive consequences if you overuse. I recently completely stopped using dry shampoo because I felt it was over-drying my scalp (probably my bad too, not so much the product?) and I’m so much better without it now!

        • LauraJ says

          Quick story about dry shampoo actually. A hairstylist told me how she once assisted on a hair advert for a huge brand. They did a before and after shot and in the before, they purposely sprayed a bottle of dry shampoo on the models hair so that it looked as dry as possible.
          I do love dry shampoo though! I cut back on the amount I was using as well and it has worked better.

  1. SimpleSerenity says

    Lighting is such an important part especially when it comes to base makeup. When I was in high school I used to do makeup in bad lighting and I do think that was one of the reasons why my makeup wasn’t good. I agree with all of these when it comes to base makeup, it is the most important part of whole makeup look. xx

    • LauraJ says

      Yeah I definitely think the first part of makeup starts with skin. I will never forget this woman told me that she couldn’t find a good foundation. I looked at her skin and her foundation was really patchy and flaky.
      I then asked her what moisturiser she uses. She said I don’t use one. It turned out she didn’t even cleanse her skin properly at night or exfoliate but blamed her foundation for not blending smoothly!! xx

      • SimpleSerenity says

        Oh that sounds crazy for me. If I would go to bed without taking my makeup off really well and give a good cleanse and hydration I think my skin would just be oily mess and full of acne. xx

        • LauraJ says

          I know I could not imagine doing it. I might have to do a post one day on some of my makeup stories like this. It is quite shocking. xx

  2. sarganser says

    Thanks for sharing, im guilt in almost all you mentioned but I guess that`s because I`m always on the run in the mornings,applying quick lipgloss and maybe mascara in the ladies room at work.
    Will make more effort in the future.

    • LauraJ says

      I have done all these things as well. I don’t think there is anything wrong with applying a hint of makeup quickly.
      Sometimes people overcompensate when rushing and apply a lot without blending properly. I used to just throw anything on and rush out. But even if you have an extra 10 seconds to go over your mascara or something, it makes a huge difference. Thank you for reading.

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