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  1. Coyote from Orion says

    Had acne too. Roacutane fixed that. Survived the side effects. Didn’t join the class action. Medical advice told me not to. I should have. Got great skin though now. Lol

  2. lauzieslifestyle says

    Thank you lovely! At the time it was awful because it happened so routinely. But I do believe that everything we go through in life, helps prepare us for what’s to come. And I do think it gave me a back bone that I did not have. xx

  3. Coyote from Orion says

    Not exactly a beauty transformation. Nothing wrong with you to begin with. Like turning an emerald to a ruby. Hopefully a good week for all xx

  4. lauzieslifestyle says

    Would you ever consider going back to blond or are you happy being brunette now? There is so much jealousy in high-school. And what’s crazy is that your friends were the insecure one’s, yet they made you feel bad.
    I wish we could teach women to grow up and embrace themselves more. Instead of trying to tear other’s down and compete. I had a best friend who used to spread rumours about me, all because the guy she liked fancied me.
    Thank you for taking the time to read. I appreciate your input and it feels good to know that you can relate. These posts always make me better after I have wrote them. I guess it is quite therapeutic. x

    • cherilyndoes says

      Those girls did me a favor. They didn’t know it, and neither did I, but my darker hair gave me more confidence than ever. Because I have such fair skin, and blue eyes, I stood out more and really drew in the attention! I was never satisfied in my skin as a blonde (does it have an ‘e’ or not?!) and since I’ve been brunette, I feel like this is how I should have been forever. My hair was a honey blonde, but my eyebrows were always dark and it just never looked right. Looking back, it indeed was their insecurities and they took them out on me. I have two daughters; one blonde and the other brunette, and I raised them to embrace their looks and own them without apologies. Both girls had positive experiences and I am so grateful for that! My confidence has soared since becoming comfortable in my skin. I should probably thank those girls for being insecure. 😉 I am glad that you see the amazing woman you are. Let’s build each other up, right? Not just as women, but as humans. Again, thank you! And I appreciate your comment. <3

      • lauzieslifestyle says

        It does have a e! Bad spelling mistake on my part. It took me a minute to figure out why you asked, because I did not think that I made that mistake.
        Anyway, you really have a motivational story. How fantastic that you ended up better, when they almost wanted you to feel worse. I think it is great that your daughters have different hair, because sisters who look too similar can be pitted against each other. There really is no right or wrong, just preference. ❤

        • cherilyndoes says

          The spelling error was on my part! I caught myself spelling it both ways! 🙂 Your posts are awesome because they allow us to revisit and re-evaluate things in our lives right along with you. Thank you for that! <3

  5. lauzieslifestyle says

    The adults were the worst to comment on it. I did not really deal with any bullying in highschool. It was so casual for someone to just blurt out – what are you using on your skin? Or do you drink a lot of water? There are so many stereotypes.
    My dermatologist once said to me, people with acne are the most hygienic, cleanest people out there. Because they will want to wash their face the most and be aware of everything. Which to me is really true.

  6. SimpleSerenity says

    People sometimes can be so nasty, saying ugly things to someone doesn’t matter how thick skinned you are it still hurts. Love the last sentence, full face of makeup or zero makeup is equally pretty and we should respect each other choices when it comes to makeup. xx

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I could not find a good photo of my acne to show what it was really like before, because I felt so ashamed of it that I deleted the photos or they are stored away on my old computer. But the adults were always the worst to comment on it.
      We should definitely respect people’s choices. xx

  7. Beyoutiful says

    I can really relate. I sometimes feel insecure because of so much acne on my skin during teenage years and the fact that I have a mole near my left eyebrow. I always wonder are people just looking at me because of those things which make me lack confidence. Even though I’ve gotten constant stares and a few compliments about my looks, I always still think that I’m not pretty and social media def impacts that. Sometimes I post selfies on social media, and I don’t get many likes and I wonder if I pic is bad or something is wrong about it. I personally feel that it may have to do with jealousy or the fact that they just don’t wanna hit the ‘like’ button but the number of likes don’t matter at all. But lately, I’ve been changing perspectives and loving that God has given me lovely features that make me attractive and what really matters is whats on the inside. Great post girl and love these personal stories of yours! Very inspirational and you are beautiful on the outside as well as the inside girl <3

    • lauzieslifestyle says

      I used to have an old instagram that was beauty based, and my images would hardly get any likes. I then went to create a fitness account and suddenly everything changed. I am sure that it has nothing to do with you not being pretty – you should definitely not think that way.
      It is so easy to get those feelings from social media. I have to stop myself because I can look at another girl’s page and think wow, she is so beautiful. Instagram seems to be all about the filter and using the same one. The big accounts all look exactly the same. I find many of them not interesting, but then mine is not exactly exciting haha!
      The inside really does matter and it is cliche to say, but confidence and the way you carry yourself plays a huge role. x

  8. Infinite Living says

    I am very delighted at reading this post of yours. I have similar views on beauty and really owning yourself for what you are. It is ok if one is not into sharing pictures on social media but I encourage it if one is not doing so out of feeling flawed or inferior. Owning yourself along with all your traits and appearances and using the joy of sharing your growth in perspective that comes with openly sharing your joyful moments …there is tremendous growth and courage in it. I applaud you for your sharing personal journey and inspirational writing.

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