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  1. jyo says

    Yeah Laura…I always use coconut milk in smoothies…it gives a nice colour and richness to the smoothie.. healthy and tasty too….

  2. hudapervez says

    Yum, those smoothies look delicious! I always add chia seeds in my smoothies as you don’t even know it’s there and still get all the benefits of it! xx

  3. lauzieslifestyle says

    I have been making smoothies for years and I cannot believe that I only recently discovered this! It is really good but also really filling. Sometimes just using water is not enough.
    For some reason wordpress is telling me that you have deleted your blog. Do you post any recipes? 🙂

  4. SimpleSerenity says

    Gotta love coconut mils, it tastes so good and also it is really healthy. I love everything coconut scented or anything that has coconut in it. I love the idea of Mocktail pina colada, how tasteful does that sound? Yum! xx

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